Welcome to Minnesota Alliance LARP, a Live Action Fantasy Role Play game with boffer combat. We play at local campsites where we rent the entire site to create an awesome atmosphere for your to explore our fantasy world. Come join us and find your story.

New Gaden Gazette and Work Day!

Posted on June 5, by

Gaden Gazette May 1513

Hey everyone,

A new Gaden Gazette has just been released, compliments of Dave G. himself! Our next piece of news is Pre-Registration for our fight practice/work day is open. Recently neighbors of our permanent campsite had a housefire so to help them out, instead of a workday for our permanent campsite, the workday will be to help out the neighbors!

The Workday will be from 10AM-4PM, with 30gs/hour and 1MI/3hrs. So potentially 180 Goblin Stamps and 2 MI picks if you work the full 6 hours!

Transportation from the campsite will be provided, and afterward will be Mod Time. To attend the cost is $20, with a $7 deduction per hour you work, going down to free mod day for you. It also has mod request, so you can deal with things you want to deal with!

Also of note is Mod Day (although light costuming) is just like a normal game. Your character resurrects, the death is recorded. You turn into a lich, the town has to fix you. You become an Elf? Well that’s just funny! So give it your all and remember to have fun!

Til next time!

Registration Open for 17-19th!

Posted on May 8, by

Hey everyone, Pre-registration has been going on for a little while, sorry this is late. I thought I had this up already with my LAST update, considering how quickly our totally awesome Logsitics team opened up our Pre-registration.

Our next event, held at Fort Matta, will not be held 15-17th as it says on the Pre-Registration form, rather we will have it on the 17-19th so that way people don’t have to take weekdays off. Pre-Register by clicking on the Pre-Register button on the right side, and come on to Camp Matta! Some of you may also remember a certain Dream Vault Mod, please send Teague a PM or post on the board on this topic:


Less then a week to go for pre-registration, and our event is next weekend, so hurry and send in those pre-registrations, even if you’re less then 100% sure you’ll attend! We’d rather make a little extra food for everyone to have seconds because you didn’t show up versus a first come first serve and run out of food!

See you all soon!

A Wonderful Season Opener!

Posted on April 23, by

Thank you for all those who came out to the snowy campsite and had fun! It was a fabulous event as always, and we hop you enjoyed yourselves! For those of you who went to Detour instead, we hope to see you back in May, ready to play!

For those of you out of the loop, our current General Manager, Alysha Krebs will be moving to Florida later this summer, and so Dave chose Alexander Thompson to replace her as General Manager! Congratulate him on his new position, although this only just means a little more work in addition to the huge pile of work Alexander already does for our chapter, so remember to also thank him for all the hard work he does too!

Our next event is a regular weekend event at our permanent campsite, Camp Matta! It’ll be May 17-19th, and we hope to see everyone there!

Season Opener Pre-Registration

Posted on April 3, by

Hey everyone, it’s the start of a new Season for Southern Minnesota Alliance LARP!

Our first event has had Pre-Registration open for a little while, so if you haven’t already pre-registered, do so immediately! If you’re unsure of your attendance we ask that you still pre-reg to ensure we have an accurate count of everyone attending.

The site of our Season Opener will be an older campsite, Camp Stearns.
Camp Stearns
3303 County Road 44
South Haven, MN, 55382

The price this year is still $60 for PCing and $10 for NPC’ing (although you save money if you pre-register! 10 for PC, 5 for NPC). We still have our amazing packages for those who want to pay off the entire year, so remember to check those out!

We hope to see you there!

Thank you all for a wonderful February Event!

Posted on March 2, by

Hey everyone,

We hope you had a great February event. For those of you who PC’d, make sure you check out the In-Game Boards and join in on the auctions. For those of you who NPC’d, thank you for the wonderful event!

Our next event will be in April. It will not be at our Permanent Site. Instead we will be returning to Camp Stearns! It will be held April 19th-21st, and more details will be revealed when Pre-Registration opens!

We hope to see you all there!