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NPC Guild

In an attempt to maintain a selection of dedicated, long-term, skilled NPCs to assist in running our events, Southern Minnesota maintains an "NPC Guild" that interested players may sign up for.  Note that this is entirely optional for NPCs; you do not need to be part of the NPC Guild to NPC at an event!


To join the SoMN NPC Guild:

  • In order to join the NPC Guild, you must make your commitment before Pre-Registration ends of the second game of the year.
  • Send an email to saying that you wish to commit to NPC for a season, and keep the Plot team informed of which events you will be able to attend.
  • Attend at least 5 Weekend Events over the course of the season. In order to qualify for the benefits below during the season, you must be able to make the 5 weekend commitment, and in order for an event to count, you must attend the majority (75% or more) of the event.


The benefits of joining the NPC Guild are as follows:

  • Free 1-year Membership
  • $5 ADDITIONAL discount while NPCing (That makes it free!)
  • Special NPC role(s) for down times and potentially plot.  Generally, this is an NPC role that is reserved for you with some access to information, such as a trader character that people have gotten to know and love (or hate, depending on the character's style).
  • 2 "Cameo" opportunities.  These will allow you to appear as your PC character for a short (roughly an hour or so) non-combat period of game time to participate in roleplay moments that might be important to you.  This will allow for the usage of production skills, but typically will not allow for participation in modules/challenges.  In order to Cameo, you MUST be crediting that character for the event in question.
  • At the end of the year, if you meet the commitment, you will receive 1 additional MI pick for each event attended, plus an additional 200 Goblin stamps.  NPCs who attend every single event will get an additional 300 Goblin Stamps (for a total of 500 GS) as our thank you for your commitment!


If at any time you are unable to fulfill your NPC Guild commitment for any reason, your membership will expire (if it is the free NPC Guild membership) and you will forfeit any not-yet-received bonuses.  People that take advantage of this offer and fail to fulfill their commitment will need staff permission to take advantage of it for the next 2 years.