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Magic Item Transfer Policy

After careful consideration, our Magic item transfer policy will be as follows:


Restricted Magic Items: All Restricted Magic Items that are creatable by the current system will transfer in freely with no limits.  Please note that individual items with excessive, non-standard, or clearly exceptionally modified flaws may be refused on a case-by-case basis.


Non-SoMN LCO Items: The Mist Caves of the Sheltered Lands that were once instrumental to the attunement of foreign magic items are no longer generally available for attunements or questions, with attempts to locate them being almost certain to fail (excluding potential plot connections).  Instead, the following policy is in place:

  • All items currently attuned continue to be attuned and transfer in freely.
  • Non-attuned items no longer come in as “unpowered shadow versions” of themselves.  An unattuned item now simply fails to transfer in entirely, with the item returning when the character exits the Mists surrounding the Sheltered Lands.
  • Each PC attending the event may attune a single item of no more than 15 years of effects each game. This item should be noted in your pre-registration and will be checked at Logistics.  All items attuned by this method are then forever attuned and may be brought in under the same restrictions as we apply to Restricted items.
  • Attunement Tokens can be used for an additional 6 years on top of the base 15.  New Attunement Tokens of varying value may continue to be dropped as treasure, usually being white tiles with silver designs upon them.
  • Characters that possess a Boon of Attunement granted to them by a Mist Guardian have an effect upon their spirit that can be used once ever at logistics for an additional 30 years on top of the base 15.




To determine the “years of effects” of an item, you take the take the remaining length of each effect in years before adding these together.  Always round up the final sum when calculating total year cost. For example, a 3/day Cure Light Wounds item that lasts 2.5 more years would be an 8 year item.  There are a few notable modifications to the above:

  • Per-day 9th level spells, whether through Spellstrikes or Expanded Enchants, count for triple their remaining length of effect.
  • Arcane Armor on an item counts as 0 years, but the item still counts against the 1 item per PC per game limit.
  • Times/Ever effects on an item that are creatable by the current system count as 0 years, but the item still counts against the 1 item per PC per game limit.
  • All Permanent effects count as 10 year effects.
  • You must attune an entire item at once.  For items that have more than 15 years of effects, you must pre-register the tag at logistics as “working on being attuned.”  Once (the number of events) x (15 years) is greater than the item's total years of effects, it will then be attuned.  You cannot save up years without specifying a specific, already existing and possessed item.