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IBGA Policy

IBGA stands for In-Between Game Action, which is what your character is up to between events.  In general, IBGAs are there for you to help Plot know what your character is interested in or doing with their time so we can bring it to you in-game.  IBGAs will often yield in game mods, meetings, or additional information on existing plot lines.


Any IBGAs should be submitted to within a certain amount of time after an event.  This deadline is routinely posted on the forums a couple of days after the end of an event.  Submitting an IBGA past this deadline means that you may not get an IBGA response from Plot for that time period.


Note the following:

  • Each player is allotted one IBGA after each event.
  • All IBGA actions are limited to roleplay, research, or discussion actions.  Getting ahold of an NPC, researching information on something, etc.  Characters cannot fight, kill or be killed during IBGAs, nor can you acquire or be required to spend treasure/coin.  You may make offers of payment for services, but such actions will likely take place on a following event.
  • Craftsman skills will be considered by the Plot Team to impact the success or failure of your actions.
  • Please remember when submitting an IBGA that if your character is visiting another chapter in between events, he or she is busy during the time it takes to travel to the other location and back.  Generally figure about 5 days on either side of said weekend event, which may limit the amount you can accomplish during your IBGA.