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Event Registration

When registering for an event, please use the online registration form below:


Registration Form for Southern Minnesota Alliance LARP


The Southern Minnesota Alliance LARP team strongly encourages you to pre-register if you are able.  The pre-registration deadline is typically midnight on Monday before the event in question.  It is not a requirement to pre-register and you can still register after the deadline, but getting your form in before the deadline highly benefits both you and the chapter staff.  Some of the benefits of Pre-Registration include:

  • A discount on the event fee!  For a weekend event, this is usually $10 off the PC price or $5 off the NPC price.  You are also able to pay for the upcoming event prior to attending via PayPal.
  • Fast check in!  If our Logistics knows you’re coming, we can make sure to have everything ready and prepared for you when you come to check in.
  • It lets others know you’re coming!  The Plot Team writes plot with the attendees in mind, so if Plot knows you’re attending, they can tailor their plans to better involve you.  Also, it lets our staff get an accurate head-count for meals so that we know how much food to get for the event.


If you are having trouble with the online form or if you have any questions about the registration process, please contact us at