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The Sheltered Lands

In one of the most northern reaches of the world of Fortannis, there lays a continent cut off to the rest of the world by a thick barrier of magical Mist around its edges: the Sheltered Lands.  Within the Mist Wall is a place of wilderness and civilization, magic and the mundane, and beauty both new and old, but throughout it all, dark forces are in no short supply.


For time out of mind, the people of the Sheltered Lands have been waging a bitter war against the Corrupt; a seemingly endless tide of cursed creatures with no goal other than to lay waste to the natural world.  Over the last centuries, a majority of the continent has been overtaken by the forces of the Corrupt, becoming little more than a scorched and cursed no-man’s land in the wake of their invasion.  With its southeast border directly on the edge of this foul territory, the nation of Gaden stands on the front line and fight tirelessly against the Corrupt, doing what can be done to hold back the monstrous army.


But the power of the Corrupt is wearing down the strength of Gaden’s military, and even with the help of the shielded nation of Roskaria to the north and the ally nation of Pratorak to the east, the fight could certainly be going better.   Furthermore, the Sheltered Lands suffer from far more than just the war with the Corrupt!  Threats ranging from undead to trolls to even extraplanar creatures are frequent, with all being thorns in the side of a nation that already has significant problems to deal with.


Over the last few years, a community of simple adventuring folk has risen in prominence, striking out as an independent leading force in the struggles against the Corrupt and other issues that plague the land.  Dwelling in the eastern reaches of Gaden and the Valley of Solace, this community of adventurers faces foes time and time again, learning and growing from every experience they are confronted with.  Their tactics and methods may be unorthodox and some may call them nothing more than ragtag mercenaries, but few can deny that the adventurers stand at the forefront of opposing Gaden’s struggles and that they are pretty good at what they do.